what to know

Come Prepared

No vaccinations are compulsory. Your suitcase should carry the following items: good walking shoes or moccasins and a sweater or jacket for cool evenings. Include insect repellent, hat, and sun-block.

Local Time

Jordan and Lebanon standard time is 2 hours ahead of GMT. Daylight Saving Time (summer time) is usually in effect from 00:00 on the last Thursday in March until 01:00 on last Friday in October. So Summer time will be 3 hours ahead of GMT.

Local Currency

Jordan: The official currency is the Jordanian Dinar (JOD) with 1000 fils to the dinar. 1 USD - American Dollar is around 0.708 JOD and 1 Euro is around 0.79 JOD.

Lebanon: The official currency is the Lebanese Pound locally referred to the "Lira" (LBP). 1 USD - American Dollar is around 1505 LBP and 1 Euro is around 1680 LBP.

The exchange rates are subject to change. Exchange houses are spread throughout the cities and airports.

Credit & Debit Cards

Visa, Master Card, and American Express are the most popular and accepted. Some small establishments do not accept credit cards. Travelers' cheques can be difficult to exchange unless they are used at some exchange houses. Bank ATMs are also widely available in the main cities.

Electric Current

Electric Current: 220V/50Hz. The electric plugs mostly used are the following; however we suggest you bring a universal travel adapter:

Type C / Europlug Type G Type D

Regular taxis are abundant in major cities with taxi meters, most are in good condition.


Tipping is never required but always appreciated for guides, drivers, porters, waiter etc...
In hotels and restaurants 10% service tax and 16 % sales tax are added to the bills.

Jordan Pass

For information on Jordan Pass: https://www.jordanpass.jo