Sahtein - Arabic for Bon Appetit

The Levant is well known for its delicious cuisine with recipes that have been worked to perfection over the centuries for every food taste and preference. With a variety of local soups, salads, entrees, meats, Arabic main courses and deserts; the traveler will not have a problem finding a gourmet meal to remember.

The traditional food in Jordan is the "Mansaf" (lamb with rice and yogurt-Jameed), "Msakhen" (grilled chicken with Iranian Bread), "Kabseh" (chicken with rice), and "Makloubeh" (chicken or beef with eggplant or cauliflower and rice). “The Arabic Mezza”, a sorted table of cold starters and salads as well as hot dishes BBQ meat, beef, lamb, and chicken with sorted bread, is something not to miss during your visit.

No meal is perfect without that last sweet treat; in the Levant that is the tradition as well. With a wide selection of sweets ranging from Knafa, Baklawe, Ma'moul, Ka'ek, Layali Lubnan, Halawe al Jubun, and much more.

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